Hallam Borough

Building & Zoning Information




Building regulations in the Borough:

The Borough has adopted the PA Uniform Construction Code as required by Pennsylvania law. Code Administrators, Inc. has been appointed by Council as the Borough Building Inspection Agency. Their office is located at 1525 Oregon Pike, Suite 901, Lancaster PA. You may call them at 717-755-9120

Zoning Regulations

The purpose of zoning regulations is to promote orderly growth within the Borough. This is done by creating different zones where similar uses are grouped. Additional requirements include lot coverage, setbacks from lot lines, minimum number of parking spaces and more. Zoning Permits are required so the Borough Zoning Officer can ensure these requirements are being met. The permit application is available at the Borough office during regular business hours or may be downloaded here.
The Zoning Hearing Board exists per the PA Municipalities Planning Code to provide relief from the requirements of the zoning ordinance under certain special circumstances. Here is a very short summary regarding actions of the Zoning Hearing Board. For more information contact the Zoning Officer during regular office hours or via email.

Ask the zoning officer about Storm Water/MS4 Information

Here is a link to the Hallam Borough Code of Ordinances

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